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Because our movies run late & many are driving long distances to enjoy our unique theater experience, we offer stay-overs for your convenience.

Check In: after 2:00 pm  *  Check out: 12:00 following day

PLEASE be certain of date you are reserving.

Due to increase in reservation cancellations & limited sites, we charge $5 cancellation fee unless we change movies verified for that date.

This includes the $1 processing fee that covers our fees. ($5 total)

FULL REFUNDS will be given (minus the $1 processing fee) if cancellation is made more than 7 days before reservation.

x We do NOT have electric hook-up but generators are allowed while movies are not playing, or if they are quiet. In addition, there is an electric outlet on the outside of concessions building if you need to blow up air mattresses.

x  You are allowed to bring in food for **NON** business hours only but keep by your tent or RV and NO GRILLING. Because we run a full concessions and studios take majority of box office, we do not allow food during regular hours. Studios are paid up to 75% of admission price, so we literally survive as a business through concessions.

(Exceptions made for B-Day parties/Family gatherings. Contact us.)

x  Because we shut off water when not on site, there are daily maintained porti-potti’s available behind concessions building for non-business hours. We are on site several hours before movies.

x  We do not allow fire pits due to smoke which could interfere with our movies.  (Gas fires are allowed)


x  Pets, as always, are welcome but must be leashed for their own safety and cleaned up after.

x  WE MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 48 HOURS NOTICE if plans change so we can make your site available to someone else. We are limited and often have people on wait lists. Please be considerate. If reservation is not cancelled before 48 hours there will be no refund of deposit.


x Sites must be RESERVED BELOW.

You will be sent your assigned site once reservation is made.

$1 non-refundable transaction fee added to cover online booking fees.

x  Deposit will be deducted from total due. (Site plus movie admission) Balance paid in person when you arrive.

If we are full, you may add yourself to waitlist. Or check Camp S'mores.

Check In: after 2:00 pm

Check out: 12:00 following day


x TENT x

Cost: $12

When reserving online, you will be paying for the tent site plus 1 adult. All other admissions will be paid onsite.

Please let box office staff know you're staying and pay with admission. Or, if you set up early, we will come around and collect.


You may certainly watch movies from your tent, however we recommend you park your vehicle out on the lot to view the movie.

x RV x

COST: $20

(plus regular admission for movies)

Additional tents cost $10 per 2 tents added to RV site.

RVs must COME IN THROUGH EXIT and walk over to box office to pay. The corner's tight by box office and your RV will NOT FIT.


If you arrive before Box Office staff, they will walk over and collect admission.


RVs must BACK IN ONLY so truck is facing screen. You may unhook your camper and park up front for the movies.

We reserve right to use parking in front of RVs on busy night. We have never needed to use this space but we reserve the right to.

*********  If we are FULL check Camp S'mores Campground  *********

Full service campground 1/4 mile from our front gate.

*** They have sites available * $20 tent / $40 RV: 320-732-2517 ***

We do allow people to stay over in their vehicles.

Please email us at for this option.

We are working on getting camping added for SUNDAYS starting May 26.

Please check back.

RV and tent


Reserve a Site

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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Please join our waitlist as we do occasionally get last minutes cancellations.

If enough requests come in, we can pull a special permit for more sites.

OR see list below:


If we are full or you are looking for amenities:


x 1/4 mile north of front gate * LONG PRAIRIE * Camp S'mores

x 5 miles * LONG PRAIRIE TreeHouse * Long Prairie Treehouse

x 18 miles * SAUKINAC * Saukinac Campground

x 18 miles * SAUK CENTRE * Sinclair Lewis Park

x 19 miles * OSAKIS * multiple campgrounds * Lake Osakis

x 20 miles * BIRCH LAKE State Forrest * Birch Lake State Forrest

x 24 miles * LITTLE FALLS * Lindburgh State Park

x There are a ton of other AWESOME resorts & campgrounds in the area to plan a weekend around!

Central Minnesota Resorts and State Parks

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