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Cash or check preferred. We do accept Credit cards for an additional $1 transaction fee.

Stay under the 5 mph speed limit. Children are at play.

Because children are at play, NO GLASS BOTTLES or containers of any kind are allowed on our lot.


RV's & TRAILERS MUST ENTER THROUGH EXIT! Your RV/camper will not fit through the entrance.

Outside food is NOT allowed. We have a full service concessions that is open all night. Up to 80% of the ticket sales goes immediately back to the studios. The concessions is how we keep our doors open for you to enjoy!

Know how to TURN YOUR LIGHTS OFF manually. This includes pickup truck cargo lights so they are not turning off and on throughout the night.

PETS are always welcome as long as they are not disturbing anyone and YOU MUST clean up after them. Also, please have them leashed in respect for other movie goers as well as your pets safety. They are not allowed in concessions unless they are a service animal.

Don't try to sneak in. You will PAY DOUBLE admission when caught. ($16.00) Hold onto your ticket as we can ask for it as proof of admission.

Watch where you park and be wary of other drivers. Our management cannot be held responsible for damage to your vehicle.

There is NO refund if you leave early.

Lastly, remember other viewers are trying to enjoy the movie. Please be respectful, keep your vehicle lights off, and keep noise down.

The rules are pretty simple, but we ask that you
please follow them.



x x   ENJOY your night out under the stars with us!  x x 

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