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We strongly encourage you to attend opening weekend if you are interested in this event. ** October 13,14,15 **

Pre-Sale Tickets NOW AVAILABLE:

25% of Saturdays tickets sold within first 24 hours!

Please read details. Link provided below.


Pre-sale Tickets are for opening weekend only OCTOBER 13,14,15

October 20,21,22 tickets will be added at a later date.

**Weather Pending ** October 27,28 & November 3,4 we do not feel need to do advanced sales and will be pay at the gate.



We ask that you make ONE purchase **PER CAR**

If you are attending with 1,2,3 ... friends, please pick one in your group to purchase total number of tickets needed for your car and settle among yourselves.

If someone decides to join you at a later date, and will be in your vehicle, they can pay at the gate when you arrive. Do NOT have them purchase another vehicle.

Obviously, this may not work for everyone. But if the majority of purchases are made in this manner it will help us immensely.

THANK YOU for your cooperation.

***** PRE-SALE TICKETS *****


Pre-sales were SOLD OUT at AMC theaters within 24-hours


Here's what you'll get from the Long Drive-in:

💖 Show off your outfits & exchange friendship bracelets
💖 Sing along to all your favorite songs
💖 Tailgate/Party atmosphere

This will be like a tailgate party where you are free to sing and dance at an outdoor venue!

Special admission prices for this exciting on-screen concert event have been set for all theaters by the Taylor Swift camp.

ADULTS: $19.89 per person
KIDS 6-11: $13.13 per person

SING and DANCE your hearts out!

october 13,14,15  &  20,21,22   *  taylor swift: eRAS Tour

*** If you are interested in this event we are strongly encouraging
you to attend opening
weekend! ***
PRE-SALE tickets available to guarantee admission.

Following dates are WEATHER PENDING:  Oct 27,28 / November 3,4


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