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☠️ 🚙 🎃 ☠️ 🚕 🎃 🚗 ☠️
☠️ 🚙 🎃 ☠️ 🚕 🎃 🚗 ☠️

We are inviting our classics back again to join our TRUNK-or-TREAT event with a CREEPY CRUISE-IN! (Classics will be given their own section)

Decorate your ride, or space, for halloween and come have some Halloween FUN with us! 🎃

All info on how our Trunk-or-Treat works is below.

**** Please REGISTER your classic even if you are not decorating. We would love to reserve enough space for all our classics to be together in one area and we need to know how much space to reserve.
(Saturday 15th will be used as a back up date for our Creepy Cruise-In in case of bad weather)

🎃 ☠️ 🎃 ☠️ 🎃
TRUNK-or-TREAT info and timeline:

🎃🦇 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA  (2012 * 10th Anniversary)
🎃🐊 LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE  (new release Oct 7)


Adults $8 / 6-11 $4 / 5 & under FREE
Price includes BOTH movies


We are CASH or CHECK only. We have credit card readers for a $1 transaction fee. ATM at Holiday Gas.


*We are asking that EVERYONE participation in Trunk-or-Treat PLEASE bring a large bag of sealed CANDY to contribute. Predicting attendance numbers is impossible for those putting together displays or handing out candy. If everyone brings candy that takes out the guess work.


**There will be a collection box inside concessions**


Those handing out candy can pick up candy in concessions when they need more.

**NEW THIS YEAR** We would like all displays set up by 6:00 so those setting up all these wonderful displays can also walk around and enjoy the event before we let the general public do their Trunk-or-Treating at 6:30.

Do not hesitate to email us with any questions.

* We always have some interested in joining us BOTH nights. If you join us Friday, you may come out Saturday FREE.

PRIZES awarded for the best audience displays which will include a GRAND PRIZE WINNER of a 2022 season pass to The Long Drive-In! To be eligible for prizes, your car display must be set up and registered in the concessions by 6:00.

Audience participation in TRUNK or TREAT is OPTIONAL, but incredibly fun. First 2 rows will be reserved for TRUNK-or-TREAT vehicles and those handing out candy.

*** TIMELINE ***
🎃 3:30 Gates open for TRUNK-or-TREAT set-up. (We may not be there yet, Just choose a spot in the center front 2 rows to set up)

🎃 5:30 Gates open for general public (You may come earlier to enjoy the displays but the first 2 rows will be reserved for TRUNK-or-TREAT vehicles, or those handing out candy.)

🎃 6:00 Deadline to register for prizes in concessions

🎃 6:15 TRUNK-or-TREATING begins
and HALLOWEEN CARTOON "shorts" will run during TRUNK-or-TREAT for those not participating or finished.

🎃 6:45 Approximate movie start time (Could run a little later with dusk, but cartoon shorts will be up on the screen until movie begins.)

🎃 10:30 Approximate time that BOTH movies will be finished.

TRUNK-or-TREAT event link:


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